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LUCASAIDE.COM is the trading name of Lucasaide Ltd. We supply a range of top quality auto electrical  parts and accessories for Cars, Trucks, Plant, Agriculture and Marine to customers across the UK and world markets.

Our new website gives full details and  prices of all items listed. Our expert sales team offer advice and help to all customers. Our sales staff have over 20 years experience , Top quality goods , Fast delivery of goods , expert attention from qualified staff .

Auto Electrical Parts & Accessories -

Garage Equipment - MOT Test Equipment are the UK major Independent Auto Electrical, Garage Equipment and MOT Test Equipment suppliers.

Not being tied to any particular Brand, and with over 40 years experience supplying Garage Equipment to Car, Truck, Bus and Plant Workshops, we are able to give you an honest un-biased recommendation for the Best Value for Money Equipment to suit your requirements. only recommend equipment from reputable manufacturers that offer full manufacturers warranty and genuine service ‘back up’.
Lucasaide Ltd have specialized in the supply of Auto Electrical & Diesel Fuel Injection parts and associated components-  MOT-ATL Bays and equipment, ATF Truck Testing Bays, Prefabricated Vehicle Inspection Pits and for many years and have supplied dozens of completed projects throughout the UK. Our service to you includes:
Lucasaide GEMS have evolved over the years by the Branchflower family starting business in 1968 as Taunton Auto Electrical & Diesel Co.
The business developed very rapidly and was instrumental in developing the BOSCH brand in the West of England with Electrical, Diesel and Tune up Workshops and a network of Service Agents throughout the West of England
In 1997 The   Brand was launched, the first company to sell  Vehicle, Marine and Leisure Batteries ON LINE with UK Next day delivery. The business was No1 in the UK and in 2008 was successfully sold to the largest Independent  Battery Distributor in the UK and has continued to grow and remain No.1.
In 2000, Branch flowers launched web site selling all makes and types of Garage Equipment and developing MOT Testing Stations and Commercial vehicle Workshops throughout the UK. ,Lucasaide GEMSGARAGE EQUIPMENT MONEY SAVERS have evolved from BRANCH FLOWERS-UK
With over 48 years experience in developing and equipping Car, Commercial Vehicle, PSV, MOT/ATL and ATF Workshops,
Lucasaide GEMS can help you plan and develop your new project. We can recommend the most suitable and cost effective equipment and carry out the design and layout based on your requirements
WE offer a FREE personal and confidential Consultancy service with very fast results
Listed   is a small selection of Projects we have successfully  completed for Major Prestige Companies and Organisations in the UK and Abroad.
Lucasaide GEMS offer the most comprehensive service available


     Garage Equipment Money Savers

Customer Names                         Location                  Product Supplied

A1 Clutches Poole Ltd                Blandford        Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
1PM UK Ltd                              Bath                Jacking Beam & Welding Equip.
Airport Fleet Services                 Stanstead        Crypton Class VII ATL Bay
ACS Wales Ltd                          Ammanford     Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Advanced Vehicle Monitoring     Frome             Portable 5 Gas Analyser
Alan’s MOT Centre                    Hengeod         Crypton Class VII ATL Bay ,Lifts
A & M Motors                           Bristol             Diagnostic Test Station
AMEY Fleet Services                 Burton Trent   9 x CV Diagnostic Work .Stations
Associated Waste Management   Hipperhlme     CV Brake Tester
Armstrong Trucks                      Glasgow         Crypton Class VII ATL Bay
Auto Diagnostik                          Rosyth            Cab Water Heater
Auto tune MOT Centre               Grangemouth  Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Autotech of Wandsworth            Wandsworth   Bradbury Class IV ATL Pit  Package
                                                                        3-1 Phase Voltage Converter
BAE Land Systems                    Newcastle       4 WD Brake Testing Systems
Bensons of Penhill                      Poole              Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Bexhill Honda                             East Sussex     Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Bilsland J                                    Glasgow         11m Vehicle Inspection Pit
                                                                        CV Diagnostic Work Station
                                                                        12t. Jacking Beam
Bristol City Docks                      Bristol             Webasto Marine Heating Systems
B.L.Travel                                  Kinsley            CV /PSV Brake Tester
Blandford Road Garage              Blandford        Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Bridgwater College                     Bridgwater      Tyre & Wheel Servicing Equipment
Bridgwater Tyre & Exhaust         Bridgwater      Construct Class IV Prefabricated
                                                                        Building – Supply Class IV ATL
Brookside Garage                       Oswestry        Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Broxtowe B Council                   Kimberly         CV Brake Tester
Byron Wynn Autos                     Bridgwater      Crypton Brake Tester
Canal Garage                              Taunton          Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Car Tech Uk                              Ipswich           Crypton Class VII ATL MOT Bay
Canning’s Hill Garage                 Devizes           Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Cannington Cold Store               Cannington      2 x 11m Vehicle Inspection Pits
Carpenters Garage                      Bridgend         Crypton Class VII ATL Bay
Castle Garage                             Kirkwall          Complete Workshop, - Lifts ,
                                                                        Class VII ATL-Tyre Equip
C & C Motors                            Minehead        Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Central Garage                            Porlock           Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Church Farm Garage                  Norwich          Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
City of Bristol College                Bristol             Crypton Motor Tester Work Station
                                                                        Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
                                                                        Plate Brake Tester
                                                                        Class IV ATL Test Lane
                                                                        Crypton Class IV ATL Test Lane
City Lifting Ltd                           Purfleet           CV Brake Tester
College of West Anglia               Kings Lynn     Air Con Work Station
Clean Drive Systems Ltd             Leicester         Portable 5 Gas Analyser
Cornwall College                        Redruth           Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
                                                                        Crypton Motor Tester
Corry Motors                             Isle of Skye     Crypton Class IV ATL Test Lane
Corbyn Construction                  London           ATF CV Brake Tester
Coryton Commercials Ltd           Stanford le Hope Crypton Diesel Smoke Analyser
Craven Short Motors                  Boston            Crypton Diesel Smoke Analyser
Bradley Stoke Garage                 Bristol             Crypton Air Con Work Station
Dave Death M/Cycles                 Newport IOW Motor Cycle Test Station
Delmoto Ltd                               Dunkerswell    Class I & II MOT Test Lane
P.Dasalva                                   Upper Holloway   Diagnostic Work Station
Don Mansell                               West Molesey  Portable 5 Gas Analyser
Downs Motors Ltd                     Ottery St Mary         Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Express MOT                            Southampton   Crypton Class VII ATL Bay
Evans Halshaw                           Middlesbrough       Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Falcon Vehicle Rebtal                 Bridgwater      CV Diagnostic Workshop Package
                                                                        COSHH Hazard Cabinets
Falklands Army Base                  FALKLANDS Car & CV Diagnostics Service Centre
Forge Garage                             Gillingham       Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Foundry Garage                         Street              Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Frank Munro & Sons                  Markinch         CV Brake Tester
Gliddons Ford Ltd                     Brixham          Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Grants of Wellington                   Wellington       Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Byka Tryka                                St Albans        Industrial Battery & Elec. Systems
Gimber Motors                           Penarth           Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser     
Hatch Green Garage                   Taunton          Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Hatfields Garage                         Ascot              Crypton Class IV ATL Bay
Hugh Lewis Garage                    Bidford on Avon    Crypton Class IV ATL Bay
Imperial Commercials Ltd           Frome             Crypton Diesel Smoke Analyser
Intercounty Farmers                    Basildon          CV Brake Tester
Heavy Haulage Ltd                     Chelmsford     13m Vehicle Inspection Pit
Hideaway Garage                        Amesbury       Crypton Class IV ATL Test Lane
Jarrett Bros                                 Chipping SB   Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
J & B Testing                             Burton on Trent   Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
J & J Autos Ltd                          London           Crypton Class IV ATL Test Lane
J.N.F Motorcycles                      Peterborough  Crypton Class IV ATL Bay
John Bolton of Reading              Reading          Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
John Bourne & Co                     Newenden       9m Vehicle Inspection Pit
                                                                        20t Jacking Beam
John Johnson Kent Ltd               Aylesford        CV Brake Tester
John Newman Body Works        Sandy             Crypton Class VII ATL Test Bay
John G Russell Ltd                     Glasgow         CV Load Simulator
Kaizer Motors Ltd                      Chatham         Air Con Service Centre
Keadby Bridge MOT                  Wakefield        Crypton Class IV ATL Bay
Kevin Handling Ltd                     Torquay          Scissor Lift
KBC Logistics Ltd                     Grays              CV Brake Tester
KTC Edibles Ltd                        Wednesbury    Headlamp Aligner Equipment
Kendal College                           Kendal            All Tyre & Wheel Equipment
                                                                        Class IV ATL Bay
Kingsborough Haulage Ltd          Bolsover         Crypton Class VII ATL Bay
Kevins Garage                            Winterbourne  Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Kings Ferry Coaches Ltd            Gillingham       CV/PSV Brake Tester
Launceston Tyre Co.                  Launceston     Class I & II MOT Test Bay
Lewis Motors                             Llanrhystud     CV/PSV Brake Tester
                                                                        Diesel Smoke Analyser-HL Aligner
                                                                        Air Compressor
LTK Garage                               Sth  ,Norwood       Class IV ATL Bay – 3 Phase Convertor
Maidstone Auto Centre               Maidstone       Headlight Aligner
Massey Truck Engineering Ltd    Sheffield         16m ATF/IVA Vehicle Inspection Pit
M & S Commercials Ltd             Northampton   CV Brake Tester
Mercury Fuel Systems                Bristol             Portable 5 Gas Analyser
Metroline Bus Co                       London           Diesel Smoke Meter upgrade
MisterMatic                                Swansea          Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Moseley in the South                  Wellington       Crypton Diesel Smoke Analyser
Motorcare Ltd                            Weston S Mare Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Motorlink Ltd                             Worcester       Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser     
MJS Logistics Ltd                      Nottingham     Crypton CV Brake Tester
Midway Motors                          Barnstaple       Crypton Smoke Analyser
MGL Demolition Ltd                  Durham           CV Brake Tester System
MS Building Services Ltd           Reading          8m Vehicle Inspection Pit
                                                                        20t Jacking Beam
Neil Taylor Ardlochan                 Caithness        Diagnostic Work Station
Northwood Coach Works           Northwood     Air Con Service Centre
Newport MOT Centre                 Newport          Crypton Class VII ATL Bay
Norman Motors                          Bournemouth  Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
NJC Refinishers                          Aldershot        3 x Workshop Lifts –
North West Trucks                     Huyton            Up grade Brake Tester
Norton Services Ltd                   Manchester     CV Brake Tester
N.E.Ambulance Authority           Stockton Tees Webasto Cab Heating
NE Worcester College                Worcester       Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
NSA Vehicle Services                 Birmingham     Class VII Pit & ATL Bay Packe
Olisola B Ussuff                         Dagenham       Diagnostic Test Station
Osayuwmen Nehikhare                Nigeria            Diagnostic Test Station
G.H.Palin & Sons                       Shildon           Crypton Class VII ATL
                                                                        4 Post Lifts
Paul Corcoran                            Winchelsea      Diagnost Work Station
Pattemores Transport                 Misterton        CV Brake Tester upgrade
Perkins Garages Ltd                   G.Dunmow     Air Con Work Station
Pit Stop Garage                          Bagshot          Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Popular Motors                          Merriott           Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
P & H Automotive Eng.              Bristol             Crypton Class VII ATL Bay
P & N Motor Repairs                 Taunton          Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Prospect Motor Cycles               Doncaster       Class I & II Motor Cycle Test Bay
Queenstown Commercial Veh.    New Zealand   Webasto Cab Heating System
RACAM Ltd                              Glasgow         Trojan Industrial System
RAF Alconbury                          Alconbury       15m Vehicle Inspection Pit
Rallydale Ltd                              Harrow           CV/PSV Brake Tester
Ratpack Ltd                               Lincoln           Industrial Battery Pack 
Radworthy Lyd                          New Barnet     7.5m Vehicle Inspection Pit
                                                                        20t Jacking Beam
Red Rose Travel Ltd                  Aylesbury       13m ATF Vehicle Inspection Pit
                                                                        ATF Work Shop Equipment
Ridgeway Oxford Motors           Oxford            Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Roadworthy Bristol Ltd              Bristol             Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyse
Robbins Motors                         West Drayton  7.5m Vehicle Inspection Pit
                                                                        Class IV ATL Pit Package
Ropley Motor Services               Ropley            Crypton Class VII ATL Bay
                                                                        Motor Cycle Brake Tester
                                                                        Headlight Aligner
Ruddock Ltd                              Wakefield        Diagnostic Workstation.
Sammeer Seafeen Motors           Croydon         Crypton Class IV ATL Bay
SAS Guide Service Station         Blackburn       Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
SEV Group                                Sheffield         Mercedes Diagnostic Tools
South Stafford College               Tamworth       Diagnostic Work Station
Snows Commercials                   Bristol             CV Brake Tester
South Coast Auto Marine            Angmering      Diagnostic Workstation
Silver Street Motors                    Taunton          Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
SJF Motor Services                    Yeovil             Air Con Work Station
Slades Garage                            Chard             Car Diagnostic Test Station
Sterling Garage                           Newbury         Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Stag Lane Motors                       Newport IOW Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Stanway Commercials                 Darlington       CV Brake Tester upgrade
Streamline Shipping                    Aberdeen        14m Vehicle Inspection Pit
Sunfun Luxury Travel                 Cambridge      Crypton Diesel Smoke Analyser
Sulman & Son                            Witcham         11m Vehicle Inspection Pit
Super Service Ltd                       Christchurch   Diagnostic Workstation
Sultanate of Oman                      Oman              Helicopter Air Con  Service Centre
Swanage Auti Centre                   Swanage         Pit & Class IV MOT Bay
Swansea College                         Swansea          Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
T & M Commercials                   Burlescombe   Headlight Aligner
Tech Group Services                  Shepperton     Diagnostic Workstation
Tamworth Coop Garage             Tamworth       Pit mountedClass VII ATL Bay
Technology Supplies Ltd            Market Drayton   Portable 5 Gas Analyser
The MOT Centre                        Reading          Crypton Class IV ATL Test Bay
TMS Motor Spares & Repairs    Sutton             Class IV Pit & ATL Package
Thames Valley Garage                Slough            Pit mounted Class IV ATL Bay
Thatcham MOT & Service          Thatcham        Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
TR Auto Ltd                              London           Crypton Class VII ATLBay
Trevor Cass Motors                   Trowbridge     Class I & II MOT Test Bay
Tyres@Junction 6Birmingham     Birmingham     Crypton Class VII Atl Bay
B.Thompson & Sons Transport  Morton Hampstead  CV Brake Tester           
W.M Thompson Ltd                  Northumberland     CV Brake Tester
UK Accident Repair Ltd             Edinburgh       Diagnostic Test Equipment
Warners of Cheltenham               Cheltenham     Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
K & S Marketing Ltd                  MALTA          Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Vitur Patel Motors                      Wembley        Air Con Service Centre
Wembley Motors                        Wembley        Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser     
Whitestone Cars Ltd                   Hereford         Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
WHM Group Ltd                       Linwood         Crypton Diesel Smoke Analyser
Wildmoor Truck & Plant            Bromsgrove    Crypton Class VII ATL Bay
                                                                        CV Brake Tester
Winsor Garages                          Clacton on Sea       Crypton Gas & Smoke Analyser
Whytes Coaches                        Aberdeen        Webasto Coach Heating